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Samir Éditeur - Tommy Math - Digital Guide KG2

Digital Guide KG2

Catégorie School
Matière Mathematics
Collection Tommy Math   All the collection's tools
Niveau KG2
Langue English
Également disponible en français
Support Digital
Également disponible en papier

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10,00 €

This digital product is available as a zip file containing pdf documents. Once ordered, you will be e-mailed a link to download it. For more information, contact your area representative.

Auteurs Jean BoustaniAntoine Sayegh
Illustrateurs Mazen Kerbaj


Synopsis The teacher’s guide provides many ideas for use in the math class, with the help of the comic strips and other activities. It provides:
• A presentation of the double page Tommy’s World.
• A presentation of the comic strips.
• The texts of the comic strips.
• Activities to carry out before working on the units.
• The solutions to the exercises.
• Illustrations to make cards for the activities.

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